About Jamesviars


What are we going to cover? That was a  huge question that The Wife and I discussed for quite some time. There are so many sites that cover so many subjects concerning the sport of motorcycles that we felt this had to have a fresh and relevant feel. What we decided on was a mutual area of interest… photography and motorcycles.

Oh my gosh…there are so many motorcycle photography sites out there… way to be creative. Yeah, we know. However, here is how we plan to be different. I absolutely enjoy biking, and have a general interest in photography. The Wife has a huge interest in photography, but rides her own bike only occasionally. As such, we are going to combine efforts and try to build a better understanding of our interests. You are now along for the ride, so to speak.

What we plan on taking photos of is anything we want, as long as it sort of pertains to motorcycles. This can and will encompass a multitude of locations, subjects and settings. Anything we feel is relevant to what a viewer would like to see will be considered. This may be a weekend ride, a really sweet looking bike, some people we meet and so on.

Because pictures are worth a thousand words, we won’t bore you with endless paragraphs of mindless drivel, just so we can sound artsy and pompous. There will be some written stories about what we see and do, but we will try and keep it concise, yet entertaining.

We envision the actual photos themselves to range from very simplistic, flat images to highly artistic and perhaps somewhat stylized. This, of course, being subject to opinion. We hope you like them all, but reality typically proves otherwise.

To keep things at this “blog” from stagnating, we will also throw in some other topics as well. I would like to see us having a few reviews of motorcycle and photography equipment, maybe some how to’s (which will be more like “how we did it”), and the like.

What we will not do is offer opinions on politics, religion, helmet laws or any other subject that tends to be divisive.

We want all bikers, cruisers, sport bikes, scooters, whatever, to come here for some good entertainment.

If you like what you see or read, post a comment. If you don’t, please post a comment too. NO PROFANITY! That will get a post removed. It takes a lot to offend us and while we are not normally offended by profanity, some readers may be uncomfortable with it. This will be the only warning about that.

In the end, we just want this blog to offer a slightly different experience than other bike sites while still being an enjoyable read. Stay tuned and be sure to bookmark this page. We will try to get at least two posts a month out. Maybe more, maybe less. It might be a little slow at first, but it will be worth it.

Take care and ride safe!

My Sportster
My 2010 Sportster Iron and buddy’s Dyna

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